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This journal is "Friends Only".

I decided to change this opening message yet again, as I'm terrible about it, and don't want new people to think that my interests are still stuck in the 1990's (They're mostly in the '80's, so I've gone much more current).

My name is Guy. I'm originally from Texas, ended up in San Diego, lived in Los Angeles, back in San Diego, and now currently reside in Las Vegas. I work in the entertainment industry as an actor, and also do freelance writing. I currently also work at an online marketing company. I tend to work a lot of weird jobs, actually. Way back in the day, I used to be in the video gaming industry, and I used to be a sous chef at a Cajun restaurant.

My journal was once public, but had to go private a few years back due to some stalkers/trolls that decided to rob some of my previous journals. A few bad apples ruin the bunch, and all that. Not that my life is exceptionally scandalous. I travel, make observations about daily events, have my ups and downs, and everything else in between. And of course, the random video or link that amuses me. I'm not much of a meme person, though, so you may never discover which fruit roll-up that I am most like. I'm sorry, and hope you can work through that.

My interests are video games, movies, travel, photography, my three crazy terriers, and being a bit of a Bohemian artist and filmmaker. I'm outspoken, friendly, have a weird/dark/playful sense of humor and am diplomatically honest. My interests are on my profile page. I also have an unashamedly strong addiction to British comedy and pubs, and Doctor Who.

My journal is for my friends and family, and those I love and trust. I'm easy to get to know, and welcome to meeting new people, so I do welcome new people, as long as we mutually respect each other's privacy. And no crazy drama, but that should go without saying.

So if you want to add me, just tell me a bit of something about yourself first. It's only fair, I think. I gave you something better than a generic, two-word "Friends Only" post, right?

My website tells even more about me: The Official Guy Chapman Website.

Also, my Instagram.

Date: 2005-10-03 08:37 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hey Guy! It's Phil, you knew me through greg, in case you forgot - I know how LA can do that to people, must be something in the air out there.. Anyway, I was flipping through stuff on IMDB and noticed that your name was pretty high up on the list on a certain sequel to a certain blockbuster movie, so I clicked on your name and saw the "Official Guy Chapman Webpage" Naturally I was intruiged.

At any rate, I hope all is well on the Western front, the left coast, of whatever you want to call it. I'd love to be a part of the Official Guy Chapman livejournal friends page, though i think you should change the title to: "Ninjas? Not in My house!"

Date: 2005-10-06 10:22 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
"Not in my house" indeed. Well played, good sir!

You're added, so feel free to add me back!



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